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Eryn Ashwyn

Birthdate: Thursday 26th of July 1990
Age: 23 years young
Birthplace: Ollando, Florida, United State of America
Nationality: United State of America
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Glamour model

Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'6" (or 168 cm)
Weight: 114 lbs (or 52 kg)
Body type: slim
Measurements: 34-24-33 i
Bra/cup size: 34D (75D)
Boobs: fake/enhanced

"I was born in c, but have lived in Florida for the past 16 years. So yes, my southern accent still comes out..hehe :-) I have been modeling for about 2 years now, and have loved every moment of it! I am still in school, majoring in Finance with a minor in Real Estate and Psychology, so my time is very precious to me!"

Shoe Size: 7

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Eryn Ashwyn sex videos

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• this girl was my roommate in college. She's done modelling :( Her last name isnt ashwyn btw, its her middle name. She never should've gotten the implants. Her real tits were perfect!! I know, I have pics. - by guest

• Sooooooooooooo sexy - by guest

• Screw coming back as a cow, I want to come back as her thong! - by guest

• Fantastic babe! - by guest

• big beautiful tities - by guest

• the first thing i want to say is that i love your hair color and that im addicted to bleach blondes all the way, second i like the red shirt with white polka dots you are wearing with the dark blue skirt, you look like a southern belle. i jacked off for five hours looking at your pretty face because you got me wild and hot. i would suck on your titties for hours and hours and make endless love with you, YOU ARE GIVING ME A FEVER AND MY TEMPERATURE IS A HUNDRED AND FOUR DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are driving me crazy and i cannot control myself because you look real darn beautiful and i really would buy you flowers every morning for the whole year! a few hours back, i was jacking all the way off and i could not stop looking at your luscious juggs and when i had an orgasm, i shot loads of cum on the fucking wall and i was still jacking off even harder! i will give you love bites and you will have red marks all over your body , your too fucking beautiful!!!!! you think you get bored sometimes thinking that there is not that much excitement going around, wait untill you meet me! i would lay you on the bed on a hot summer night, massaging your back, your legs and your neck and then i start kissing you on your neck and then i stick my tongue in your mouth as you go into heat moaning and wanting more. i would caress your boobs and fondle them real good, stroking your boobs up and down and pulling on the nipples real hard and sucking on those areolas for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you tilt your head back and you close your eyes wanting more and shouting out with excitement as your pussy quivers with passion and you go into climax. then i put my four fingers into your pussy, going in then out so many times and tasting your pink sweetness and stroking your pussy lips while you are in a trance. i love eating women out especially you in particular, pulling on your pussy lips, fingering the inside and sticking my tongue deep down in your clit while looking at your face as your screaming for a huge orgasm! finally you get greedy and your hands fly into action unzipping my pants and you grab my rock fucking hard gasping in delight, stroking , twisting it real hard and sliding your hands up and down my shaft getting it real hard. after a few hours have passed, your hands get tired and you cant jack me off for a while, so your mouth goes into action sucking my big with greed, wrapping your tight lips on my d and sucking with all your strength as you get even more greedier and finally i have the most enormous orgasm ever! as i pull my d out of your mouth and you start stroking my meat off, hard, harder and harder and harder, i finally shoot loads of hot creamy cum on your face and on your hot juicy juggs and as im yelling in bliss while jacking off like crazy, you are screaming for an orgasm and going into climax touching your self and then you tremble to the ground as your pussy shoots jet streams of cum all over the floor! as i masturbate a little bit more, the last few cum drops fall on your hot naked breast as i my hands slide up and down my d getting hot and horny, just when i thought i was done having an orgasm, i start squirting more cum on your titties and i rub your boobs real hard and you notice that more cum is dribbling out of my d, you black out for a few minutes from the passion and excitement! I AM A NYMPHOMANIAC AND I AM PROUD OF IT NUFF SAID! if you walked in on me in the bathroom or bedroom or bathtub while i was masturbating, i would ask you to join me!!! maybe some day i will bump into you in the state of florida. i would love to see you wear an orange tank top while wearing light colored blue jean shorts. you should run in a southern belle beauty pageant! i love to go out and jet skii on the lake and the ocean!!! - by guest

• Yeow !!! This girl is HOT & SEXY !! Her last Name is Ashwyn (pretty name) BUT IS SHOULD BE AWESOME !!! WHAT AWESOME B(0)(0)B'S !!! AWESOME BODY ! GIRL KNOWS HOW TO SPREAD THOSE LEGS !! X'S & O'S TO THIS HOT & SEXY WOMAN !! wish she was the girl next door. I'M ENJOYING THIS BABEPEDIA SITE ... IT'S ALLRIGHT !! - by guest

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