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Charley Green

Birthdate: Tuesday 5th of June 1990
Age: 23 years young
Birthplace: Molesey, Surrey, United Kingdom
Nationality: Inglesa
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Adult Model

Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'2" (or 157 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (or 57 kg)
Body type: average
Measurements: 34H-26-34
Bra/cup size: 34H (75H)
Boobs: real/natural

Waist length
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Shaved

Official Website:
Twitter: @charleyg90

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Charley Green sex videos

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• I never realized that I can shoot a load just by staring at a body like that :) - by guest

• Charley, I am your biggest American fan; you are exquisite! - by guest

• Nice set of hooters you got there. - by guest

• would love to play with them whole day mmmmmmmmmm yummyyyy - by guest

• Just what u need there fatty more icecream - by guest

• really wanna fuk her - by guest

• After asking her out and taking her to dinner and dancing, I'd feel like a million bucks if she enjoyed my company so much she asks me to spend the rest of the night with her. We'd get in a hot bath together, We'd talk and get to know one another a bit more verbally, while I periodically rake over her beautiful breasts and body with my eyes. As she slips into bed I ask if I may look at her pussy a bit closer. She just smiles curiously, and spreads her legs for an answer. My face is inches from her labias, I stare at her beautiful hot pink colored flower, not touching it, just relishing the pure sexual womanliness she graciously lets me view unhindered. I tell her she is beautiful, "Thank you" she says "Let me help you see more." She reaches down and gently pulls her labias apart. I feel a thrill as I hold my breath and stare into her glistening pink cave. Blushing myself, I eventually look up to see her both smiling and blushing. Again I stammer words of how beautiful she is and she releases her labias. I gently start to finger them myself and eventually taste them as I gently suck each supple labia with my mouth. I feel them quiver and pull back in time to see a small amount of white liquid bubble up and froth in her cleft of venus. This time I smile as I crawl over her and relish my penis as it slips easily deep in her vagina, thanks to her personal feminine lubricant I helped her produce. We make love for hours, both of us enjoying each other. My hands rove every inch of her body as hers do mine and we kiss long and passionatly many times. Our sweat acting like pherimones to each other. I gently suck her large tits periodically and with every orgasm she tells me how great being with me like this is. Near the end she stops me, my erection still buried deep in her womanhood. Breathless and gasping she offers to allow me the ultimate pleasure of truly knowing her. She asks me to cum deep in her pink jewel I already know so intimately. Thrilling at the meer thought of completing our mating this way, I shudder, and just say "I will." and continue slowly making love with this beautiful woman. I can feel it building up a few drops of semen already mixing with her white cream, I work myself as deep as I phycically can into her. She knows I'm ready to finish and smiles at me expectantly and confidently, knowing she has conquered me sexually with her beauty, she prepares to celebrate the feeling of my sperm filling every cubic centimeter of her cervix and braces herself for the exquisite masculine fluids her vagina with soon be full of. She gives one last orgasmic shudder at the thought of my male sperm swimming inside her female body for hours when we finish. Words cannot describe the ecstasy I feel with every throb of semen that I joyfully release while her vagina caresses my erection deep inside it. My whole body shudders while I fill her and she steadys me with her embrace, making sure I stay well inside her as I quiver with joy. I stare into those beautiful eyes and smiling face as I start to cum, but she quickly pulls me in for a long intense kiss that we don't even stop to breathe for until after I finish demonstrating my male authority. My excited squirting throbs seem to last for an eternity deep in her, but they are over all to quickly. I gasp and stare at the face of this woman, joy etched in every feature on it. I thrill at the pure sexually of what we just did together and even though it lasted hours, wish it could of gone on longer. I'm still hard inside her and instinctively I gently stir our reproductive juices together with my now depleted erection inside her, while she smiles appreciatively at my continued desiring of her body. I reluctantly pull out and collapse next to her in bed, completely spent and weak, she holds me in her arms and we sleep a few hours only to wake up smiling in the morning with vivid memories of the pleasure we will always remember. - by guest

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